About Us

A New Vision of Living

For the last five years, company primary focus is to develop and build multifamily projects in communities across British Columbia. During this time, Magnum Pacific has developed and built rental projects across BC with unmatched speed and efficiency. We firmly stand behind our projects and deliver quality construction and customer care. We hold experience in development and construction and understand that “home is where the heart is” and curate a sense of belonging for those who come to us looking for that home.

Our values and mission make us who we are not just as a company, but also the relationships we have built with all our clients who fall under our Magnum Pacific family. With countless successful projects and satisfied clients under our belt, we know there’s something we’re definitely doing right!

Our Story

It was 25 years ago, that we set out to build homes and construct various projects for both residential and commercial use. In our journey over this period, we have built countless areas of livable and workable spaces for people from all walks of life.

Our vast experience in the construction industry gives us the leverage to meet our clients’ needs and offer any guidance in regards to choosing to where and how they plan on pursuing their areas of residence keeping in mind- the location, demographics, psychographics, and short and long term plans of the client. We have always worked to meet the requirements of our clients in the best way it will serve them.

Our Values

We stand behind our values to work with our clients with diligence, respect, and a promise of solid commitment.


Our mission is to deliver to our clients the best in customer satisfaction, while ensuring we effectively meet their needs and deliver results in a timely manner.

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